This month

December 2009

Our year-end function was held in the friendly, homely atmosphere of the Union Club. Peter and his staff supplied a delicious dinner, served on stylishly decorated tables. Candle light provided a festive atmosphere.

After the dinner gifts were handed out by LP Willem amid great jollity and even some frivolity. It was an evening we will all remember for a long time. Our thanks to Tony Scheffel and his social committee for treating us to this great evening.

The photos show some of the events and how people enjoyed themselves. Below you see Aaron Stander’s winning smile. The 4-year old grandson of Peggy and Ivan was the lucky winner of the golf clown brilliantly created by Bev. Thank you, Bev. It’s a great job you did!

Aaron won the clown!

Ivan, Helen and Tony Perkin - making a point

Festive tables

Tony refused to bend backwards to make a success of the evening

Erla and prospective Lion Martie with young Siobhan

Ivan, or rather his grandson, won the golfer with the soft heart

LP Willem expanding on the wonderful work the Lions did this year

Prospective Lion Antoinette chooses her present

Willem wary of jealous husband, De Waal

Bernice very happy with her choice of presents

What's in that pink package?

Bronwyn got a good deal

An appreciative kiss for our hostess

Is this a present?



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2 responses to “This month

  1. De Waal

    Hello Bev

    We missed you!

    Yes, it really was an enjoyable evening. We hope to see you soon in the new year.

    Kind regards

    De Waal

  2. Bev

    Hi De Waal

    Looks like a good evening was had by all that attended. Sorry I was unable to make the event. Thanks for the wonderful photos and the great job that you are doing


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