Welcome new Lions!

On Monday 15 February we had the privilege of inducting four new Lions into the club. They are: Martie Axsel, Antoinette van Blerk, Niekie Boshoff and Derek Carter.

PDG Gordon Jayes did the honours. In his speech DGG Gordon said that he was proud of the Krugersdorp club. “Listening to discussions about the projects you run, makes my chest swell with pride,” he said. He  expressed his confident opinion that the new Lions will acquit themselves well in the years ahead.

A heartfelt welcome to our new Lions. Be assured that you are already valued members of our club. May you have many years of servicve to our community and may you prosper and enjoy every moment of it.

Lion Gordon with sponsors Tony, Pam and Bernice

PDG Jayes with Serek Carter, Tony Scheffel, Martie Axsel, Antonette van Blerk, Peggy du Plooy, Bernice Blake, Niekie Boshoff. Willem van Drimmelen in front.

Bernice and Niekie

Derek gets his badge from Tony

Willem congratulates Derek

Antoinette kry 'n leeu-soen

Niekie sal haar sertifikaat mooi bewaar



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4 responses to “Welcome new Lions!

  1. Peggy du Plooy

    Hi De Waal,
    Thanks so much for our web page, this way everyone can view what Krugersdorp club is up to!! And you are always there to take pictures without us knowing you are doing it!
    Well done you are an asset to our club!!

    • kruger01

      Hello Peggy

      Yes, we’re lucky to have access to this technology. We must make full use of it and turn it to our advantage and the advantage of our community.

  2. Nice blog! Just wanted to let you know that Lions Clubs International has a new blog. Please check it out if you have a chance.

    • De Waal

      Hello. Thanks for telling me about your blog. I had a look. Very attractive. Clear layout and intuitive navigation. Well done! I’m linking you to our site.

      Best of luck

      De Waal

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