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“Sterk” is going strong

On Sunday we had another enjoyable trip to the Walter Sisulu Botanic Garden with a group of Sterkfontein patients.

We had wonderful sunshine and open skies as we wandered down towards the waterfal.  On the way De Waal told the guests things about the trees, the rocks, the plants, the birds, the soil and the sky.

He pointed out  the Tamboti tree with its unusual shiny green leaves and warned against using the wood for braai purposes as the smoke is poisonous. The group admired the shiny bark of the wild parsley tree. They were surprised to hear that the grasses belong to the plant family most impotrant to human beings – maize, corn, barley etc. are all grasses.

On the way they came across small children enjoying the company of a large tortoise. On their way back they clustered around the sundial and were astounded about how accurate the instrument could indicate time.

After they all had tea and buns, there was a quiz and four quick-minded guests got a prize each. At the end of the day “L” stood up and thanked the Lions in a few moving words. He said that it would be difficult for an outsider to understand how important these outings were to patients. Not only is it a relief from the boredom and depression of the hospital environment, it is also a joy to experience a place as lovely as the Botanical Garden.

De Waal introducing the Garden

The tortoise that didn't run away

Terry had a closer look

Admiring the waterfall


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Storytellers crossing boundaries

Our first storytelling this year will be on 9 April at the Kagisong Community Centre, Kagiso.

The storytellers are:

Annette Fourie – introducing the subject.

Lebo More

Hippo Letseleha

Roy Harris

Sam Odendaal

The theme is:  “People and their animals”.

The idea of Storytellers crossing boundaries is to create an opportunity for people from different communities to get together, listen to stories from different cultural backgrounds, and gain better understanding of each other’s cultures.

There will be snacks and drinks afterwards and opportunity to meet people and chat.

Parking is in a safe area and the gate will be locked when the last car is in.

See you there!

Approaching from Voortrekker Road

Approaching from the east

Turn into Tudor Road

Dastile Road just off Kagiso Avenue

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A fantastic Boat Race Day!

It was a wonderful day. Everybody enjoyed it tremendously and our  club won a few prizes.

The overall winners were Helderkruin (Lion President Karl Bands), who also won the Rain Dance.[with the blue and red feathers]

Krugersdorp won the best dressed couple (LP Willem and Helen). And Helen’s potjie was the winner, sharing with Midrand.

Carolyn and Bill did the totem pole.

Krugersdorp also won the first event which was the parade. We used the cd
from Bernice which was a hit!

The youngsters, three girls, you see in the pictures are children and
friends of our new Lions.

Ivan was the commodore. District Governor Lilian did the welcome and the
booby prize for the day (Lions Club with the biggest heart) was won by

Ted Indian ladies!

Chief Dancing with Lions

Smoking the peace pipe

The Big Chief

Red Indians all over the place

Best dressed pair


Young Indians

Guarding the totem pole

Racing ahead

An Indian meal

Treating the DG

The DG addrssing the tribes

The judges

Joint winners

Big smiles

Champion raindancer

The Chief is a winner

The tribe gathers

Dancing tribe

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Golden Harvest Tea Party

Here a few photos that were taken at the tea party at Golden Harvest Retirement Village in Magaliesburg recently.

Joan Exley who has been doing most of the teddies there will be moving to another retirement village in Weltevreden Park and has asked for a break while she settles into her new home before carrying on with our project. Joan has been absolutely amazing

There were 21 residents that attended the Farewell tea for Joan and 4 Lions members.

Ann at the tea table

Ann, Gordon, Bev and Stan

Betty, Joan, Marjorie and Ann

Golden Harvest teddies

Gordon and Ann

Gordon and Ann

Joan and Gordon


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The Shavaton event at Key West was very popular. The Krugersdorp Lions had to go into top gear in order to attend to people who wanted to take part in the event.

People paid R50 to get their hair shaved off or to get their heads sprayed with vibrant colours. It was great fun and we could see that people really enjoyed themselves.

The Key West shopping mall donated a number of hairpieces for the use of people who had lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Here is an extract from the Shavathon website:

CANSA Shavathon has proved to be a nation-building event that unites young and old, rural communities and city slickers, in fact, the inhabitants of all 9 provinces, in the fight against cancer.

Over 300 work places and 150 shopping centres took part in CANSA’s 7th Shavathon event, Shavathon 2010 . On the 5th of March schools, organizations and work places hosted Shavathon events, while on Saturday, 6th March, Shavathon events took place at shopping centres across South Africa.

Bev and Petra - in the pink!

Lynn roping them in

Come on, it won't hurt!

Martie and Siobhan

Not exactly dull!

It's for all ages

Do you have a mirror?

Is it too late to change my mind?

Shorter at the back, please

Too much hair around here

Tony gives a helping hand


I'm going to have a red ponytail

Tony and Peggy in discussion

Ivan in the Shavathon pink

Now this is fun!

What have I done?

Enough hair to stuff a mattress!


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