The Shavaton event at Key West was very popular. The Krugersdorp Lions had to go into top gear in order to attend to people who wanted to take part in the event.

People paid R50 to get their hair shaved off or to get their heads sprayed with vibrant colours. It was great fun and we could see that people really enjoyed themselves.

The Key West shopping mall donated a number of hairpieces for the use of people who had lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Here is an extract from the Shavathon website:

CANSA Shavathon has proved to be a nation-building event that unites young and old, rural communities and city slickers, in fact, the inhabitants of all 9 provinces, in the fight against cancer.

Over 300 work places and 150 shopping centres took part in CANSA’s 7th Shavathon event, Shavathon 2010 . On the 5th of March schools, organizations and work places hosted Shavathon events, while on Saturday, 6th March, Shavathon events took place at shopping centres across South Africa.

Bev and Petra - in the pink!

Lynn roping them in

Come on, it won't hurt!

Martie and Siobhan

Not exactly dull!

It's for all ages

Do you have a mirror?

Is it too late to change my mind?

Shorter at the back, please

Too much hair around here

Tony gives a helping hand


I'm going to have a red ponytail

Tony and Peggy in discussion

Ivan in the Shavathon pink

Now this is fun!

What have I done?

Enough hair to stuff a mattress!



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10 responses to “Shavathon!

  1. Hi bev. Kan jy dalk vir my n sms stuur met al die details wat ek nodig het my e-mail wil nie werk nie dankie vir jou hulp. Corne

    • Bev

      Anyone interested in donating hair can call the Cancer Association on 011 768-4342. They are in Pigeon Street, Horison.

      Hair can be donated at any time, you do not have to wait for a Shavaton to take place. Give them a call and find out how to go about making your donation


  2. Hi ek wil graag iemand help wat hulle hare verloor het my hare amper n meter lank en wil graag n glimlag op iemand se gesig sien as hulle my hare kry. Ek wil iets goed doen kan iemand my dalk help. My no is 0786850429 of my e.mail by Dankie. Corne

    • kruger01

      Hallo Corne

      Ons is bly jy wil mense help. Ongelukkig is die Shaveathon vir hierdie jaar verby!

      Jy kan gerus ons volgende Lions vergadering bywoon. Dit is in die Union Club in Ockersestraat – daar naby die brandweerstasie. Ons begin om 19:30. Jy sal daar van baie maniere hoor hoe ons mense help.

    • Bev

      Hi De Waal

      The Cancer Association will always take hair, it is not only collected at the Shave a thons. I have contacted Corne via email and given her the details that she needs in that regard


      • De Waal

        Hi Bev

        Thank you very much.

        Thank heavens somebody’s on the ball! I never realised the offer could be useful in that way.

        Well done!

        De Waal

  3. Lynn

    Indeed Bev!!!
    It was such an inspiration to just be there and experience the support from the public!

  4. Bev

    Hello De Waal

    This was truely an amazing event and I am sure that everyone had a really great time. Thank you once again for the great photos


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