A fantastic Boat Race Day!

It was a wonderful day. Everybody enjoyed it tremendously and our  club won a few prizes.

The overall winners were Helderkruin (Lion President Karl Bands), who also won the Rain Dance.[with the blue and red feathers]

Krugersdorp won the best dressed couple (LP Willem and Helen). And Helen’s potjie was the winner, sharing with Midrand.

Carolyn and Bill did the totem pole.

Krugersdorp also won the first event which was the parade. We used the cd
from Bernice which was a hit!

The youngsters, three girls, you see in the pictures are children and
friends of our new Lions.

Ivan was the commodore. District Governor Lilian did the welcome and the
booby prize for the day (Lions Club with the biggest heart) was won by

Ted Indian ladies!

Chief Dancing with Lions

Smoking the peace pipe

The Big Chief

Red Indians all over the place

Best dressed pair


Young Indians

Guarding the totem pole

Racing ahead

An Indian meal

Treating the DG

The DG addrssing the tribes

The judges

Joint winners

Big smiles

Champion raindancer

The Chief is a winner

The tribe gathers

Dancing tribe

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3 responses to “A fantastic Boat Race Day!

  1. Bev

    I agree with Lynn

    Congratulations to all who participated!!! To those that were not able to attend, you missed a really great event!


  2. Lynn

    I almost forgot Bill’s totem pole !! Thanks Carolyn and Bill – that ‘made’ the raindance…

  3. Lynn

    It was a wonderful day and event!!
    A huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU’S to Peggy for putting it all together; to Helen for her effort with our outfits and her winning pot; to Carolyn for her lovely lamb pot – feeding the tribe; to Martie and Antoinette for the decor in the tent; and to Pam for her trivia questions. HUGE THANKS also to Ivan, our commodore; Tony P who collected all funds; Tony S who kept score; Terry who brought our banners; to our ‘chief’ Willem for being such a good sport! Special thanks also to Bev, Petra and her family, Bill and Gill and grandson, and Antoinette’s children and friends for the wonderful support and help!!!

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