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Unheard stories

The Storytellers crossing borders event was held on Friday evening, 9 April.

Lebo More told a rather poignant story of a boy who was puzzled by the behaviour of his two dogs. They grew up together as puppies, but later had a terrible fight. One almost killed the other.

Sam Odendaal had some intriguing photos of his trip to the Kalahari and interesting statistics about the area.

Hippo, a wonderfully entertaining story teller had the audience spell-bound with anecdotes from his youth.

Roy Harris entertained the listeners with his story of how he has never been bitten by a dog, although he had many close encounters.

Missed opportunity

Unfortunately the basic idea of the project, namely to foster greater understanding between people from different communities, could not be achieved. There were very few people from the white community and only a very few Lions. The stories went largely unheard.

Thank you very much Peggy for printing the programmes. They were very well received. The presence of Lions Peggy, Ivan, Terry and Martha was very much appreciated.

Peggy thanked the storytellers afterwards, in the absence of Lion President Willem, and handed them each a token of appreciation.


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