The Lions Drive

The Lions Drive is a monthly event. Started in 1962, the Lions Drive developed into a well-organised treat for a group of Sterkfontein patients every month.

The patients are picked up at the hospital and taken to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden. There they are treated on tea and eats and taken for a walk through the garden. Sometimes they get goodie bags and other nice thing to take back with them to the hospital.

They were formerly given cigarettes, but that was stopped for obvious reasons. There are no complaints about that from the patients.


Tea and tasty snacks set out for the patients


A quiet path in the Garden


Bernice and Antoinette are ready to serve!


Aldyn showing the specially made bags for the patients


The contents of the bag


Clivias, also called bush lilies, for good reason


De Waal talking about the origins of the Crocodile River


Patients following De Waal on the walk


The Witpoortjie Waterfall


A Wild Apricot tree spreads the odour of carrion at certain times


Tony Scheffel got some patients to do pushups


The Lion pack




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3 responses to “The Lions Drive

  1. Sushil Bansal President Diamond Club 321A2

    So when challenges come our way, as they inevitably will, We Lions think, pray, listen, then act.

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  3. There is a quotation in Book ‘Power of words’ Compiled By MJF Lion Kishore Bansal ‘ lions Clubs are discharging the debts of abandoned mankind” This is indeed a perfect quotation which is matching the above photo gallery. Lioness President Chd-Pkl Diamond Club 321A2

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