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The Storytellers Crossing Boundaries evening on Friday 15 April was a very enjoyable event. We had a good audience and the storytellers were really entertaining. The theme was “parents and children”.

After the storytelling we socialised and enjoyed snacks and drinks together. The venue at St Peter’s Anglican Church seems to suit people better than some venues we used in the past.

This is a small step in the direction of creating better understanding among people. We hope to continue with this project and to slowly help build a culture of tolerance and friendship.

Thank you very much for these photos, Peggy. Now we can all see what it was like.

Father Mpho tells his story, De Waal pays close attention

Dennis Pretorius tells how he had to walk to school as a child

Dennis Pretorius, storyteller Gabriel Morare, storyteller Francois Venter, Father Mpho and De Waal

Storyteller Francois Venter

The audience

Tony, Ivan and Pam

Waiting for the storytelling to begin



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Designer rainwear

On Sunday 3 April we had another enjoyable outing to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.

Half way through the walk it started raining and we had to get back to the Nestlé Centre very quickly. De Waal continued his talk on the animals in and around the Garden. There is an interesting collection of skulls, stuffed specimens, rocks and fossils inside the Centre.

Did you know that elephants were related to dassies (hyrax)?

It was still raining when we wanted to get back to the cars. Fortunately had his special rainwear, designed in Paris, at hand.


Raincoat designed by Jean-Baptiste Rubbiche

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