A house burnt down

The Lions hand over blankets

On Thursday 11 Augustus the house in which Anna Ntaka and her family live, burned down, destroying virtually everything inside – furniture, belongings, documents. The house is in Kagiso, in Ward 9, which is De Waal Venter’s Ward.

De Waal appealed to the Krugersdorp Lions for help and got overwhelming support. Derek Carter and Ivan du Plooy contributed blankets.

On Friday 12 August Ivan and De Waal visited the house to distribute the blankets. Ivan identified some other needs and promptly arranged for new doors and window panes to be installed.

The family were rather dazed by the shocking event, but they expressed their gratitude to the best of their ability.

The photo shows Anna (holding blankets) with Ivan and De Waal and some small fry.

Three days after the fire. John Malebo stands in the place where there used to be a shack in the back yard. The fire started in this shack. The debris has been cleared away completely.

John standing at the newly installed back door. The door hasn’t been varnished yet.

In Kagiso visitors rarely use the front door. You always go to the back door when visiting a house.








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