How do I …?

DW OktHow do I do things on this website?

Make a comment

At the bottom of every page you’ll see a “window” with the heading “Leave a Reply”. Type whatever you want to say in there. When you’re finished, click on “Submit Comment” underneath the window.

Your comment will appear on the website for everybody to see. This way you can discuss matters with other people and have a record of what each said.

Contact the webmaster

Easy. 083 382 1632

You’ll find the same details on the homepage.

Get Lions International news

Look at the panel on your right. Look for the Lions International logo and click on it. You’ll go straight to their website.

Get District 410 news

Look for their logo in the right-hand panel.

Send in stuff to the website

Send e-mail to the webmaster at

Get SA news

Click on the logo in the right-hand panel.


 The “voting booth” is a graphic representation of a panel on which you can click. It’s in the right-hand panel.


8 responses to “How do I …?

  1. Andrea Herr

    Good day, I would like information about the Jack Cotton Flats.
    How does one apply and the financial cost involve.


    Andrea Herr.

    • Ashley Stander

      Good morning Andrea,

      I am afraid we have no affiliation to Jack Cotton flats. I tried to google their details but could not find any on the internet.

      My apologies for not being able to assist.

      Ashley Stander
      Secretary (Lions Club)

  2. leana

    Hi i would like to know if you can assist in.providing eye test and glasses for sassa pensioners. Thank you

  3. Joey van der merwe

    Good day, I would like to purchase some of your Christmas cakes , where in krugersdorp can I do that

  4. Carolyn

    Iam looking for the Teddy Bear Project Knitting Pattern and hope yopu are able to help me. Carolyn

  5. kruger01

    You’re welcome.

    De Waal

  6. Hi, good day! Your work is quite impressive. I never imagined that it was feasible to accomplish something like that until after I looked over your write-up. You undeniably gave a great perception on how this kind of whole scheme works. I will make sure to return for more information. Keep it up!

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