Lions in Australia

I recently returned from visiting family in Australia and attended a meeting at one of the Lions Clubs while I was there. (Lions Club of Engadine) If you want to take a peep, go to: Click on 'photo gallery' on the left - Bev

Bev writes:

I have attached photos of the Engadine Lions (Australia) in action.  These
were taken at the annual fete that they organise.  There are 93 stall
holders in total

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Inauguration October 2010

On Monday 20 October we had our combined business meeting and dinner. We were graced by the presence of Nick Maré, our District Governor, who inaugurated two new Lions.

The new venue at the Union Club is very pleasant and the dinner was a very pleasant affair – dignified and tasteful, yet relaxed and friendly.

District Governor Nick Maré conducting the inauguration


DG Nick Maré and LP Pam with sponsor Tammy Phelps, new Lions Eleanor Phelps and Dané Dubs.




Ivan congratulates the new Lions


Tony Scheffel pins it on


Bev receiving her Attendance Award

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The Lions Drive

The Lions Drive is a monthly event. Started in 1962, the Lions Drive developed into a well-organised treat for a group of Sterkfontein patients every month.

The patients are picked up at the hospital and taken to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden. There they are treated on tea and eats and taken for a walk through the garden. Sometimes they get goodie bags and other nice thing to take back with them to the hospital.

They were formerly given cigarettes, but that was stopped for obvious reasons. There are no complaints about that from the patients.


Tea and tasty snacks set out for the patients


A quiet path in the Garden


Bernice and Antoinette are ready to serve!


Aldyn showing the specially made bags for the patients


The contents of the bag


Clivias, also called bush lilies, for good reason


De Waal talking about the origins of the Crocodile River


Patients following De Waal on the walk


The Witpoortjie Waterfall


A Wild Apricot tree spreads the odour of carrion at certain times


Tony Scheffel got some patients to do pushups


The Lion pack



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Warrior Walk 5 September



Approaching Cedar Lodge


Still fresh


Early leader



Ivan and friends



Middle group



Blue wave



Easier for some



The Scheffel contingent



Steaming past



View fom the top


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Florida Eye Clinic

Lynn and Peggy at the Florida Eye Clinic.

Well done, Lionesses!


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The Lions at work

At the old age home

These are pictures taken of the bathroom for the male old timers at the old age home. Also Lion Bev, Ivan and myself delivered very good clothing and food for them.
The geyser was installed on Wednesday.

Thanks for the photos, Peggy!

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Nelson Mandela Day

Our 67 minutes on Mandela Day

On Saturday 17 July the Lions descended on Sterkfontein Hospital to spend a busy two hours at ward 18.

We sponsored items like compost, gardening tools and standard roses and helped the other volunteers to plant the roses and to paint the mural on one wall of the ward.

Apart from the fun of helping to beautify the area, we also had the opportunity to meet people from the top management at the hospital. This type of contact will certainly make it easier for us to organise our monthly drive to the botanical garden with the patients.

We were fortunate in that it was a sparkling, sunny day and not cold at all. It was a great outing!

Tony, Dr Billa, CEO, and daughter, Pam, Dr Close, Dr Brummerhof and Robyne

Ms NC Mangole, Speaker of Mogale City Council, and Tony planting a rose

Pam taking a critical look at the mural design

Lynn and Pam hard at work

Tony thought Pam needed some redecorating

Pam walking past the finished mural

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