Joe Sack

Joe Sack is a founder member of the Krugersdorp Lions, the only remaining living member who is still a member of our club.

Joe and a group of friends charterd our club in 1962. Through the years Joe made many valuable contributions as his numerous certificates and awards testify.  Joe has retired some years ago and now enjoys Privileged status.

We visited Joe and Maureen on Monday 10 August and took some photos. Here they are. We feel privileged to have Joe and Maureen among us as examples of people who lived, and still do exemplify, the ideals of Lionism.

Joe and Maureen are still active and take a lively interest in social events. Joe likes to take long walks through Monument and Noordheuwel.


Joe crop_edited-1


Maureen and Joe_edited-2

Maureen and Joe


Joe’s Twenty Five Year Charter Monarch certificate (circa) 1987


Foundation Honor Roll certificate awarded in 1982


One response to “People

  1. eric and jane

    How lovely to see photo’s of Joe and Maureen. Joe never changes, and Maureen is still so elegant!

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