Eye-testing at Sterkfontein hospital

Can you see better now?

Can you see better now?

On Tuesday, 6  October, we had our third eye testing session at Sterkfontein. The photo show Natasa Tsangari, a professional optometrist, fitting a patient with different lenses. This enables her to write a prescription for reading glasses that will make reading a joy for the patient.

Natasa has an easy, friendly way of communicating with patients. Their initial nervousness soon disappears and they give their full co-operation.

This time we had a patient whose eyesight was quite good, but he pretended that he couldn’t see well. He just wanted glasses! Well, Natasa saw right through him. Sorry, but no glasses for you. Just eye drops.

Testing the eye muscles

Testing the eye muscles


6 responses to “Eyesight

  1. Mandy Wright

    Hi, I am a pensioner and live in Mindalore. I last had my eyes tested about 6 years ago, and can feel and notice I need to have them tested again. Is there any way the Lions can help me please? Many thanks

  2. Peggy du Plooy

    Natasa! what a wonderful job you are doing for the community, I commend you!! De Waal thanks for getting this worthwhile project off the ground!

  3. Bev

    You guys are amazing. Keep up the good work

  4. Tony Perkin

    Another very worthwhile project – well done Natasa & De Waal !!

    • De Waal

      Thanks Tony.

      Patients had never before had access to this service. We have the opportunity to add to their quality of life with this project.

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