Teddy Bear Project

A smile for every child
A smile for every child


The Krugersdorp Lions supply teddies to children from all walks of life who are in need of comfort, including the Teddy Bear Clinic.  

The purpose of the Clinic is to assist and support children who have to appear at court, mainly due to abuse they experienced.

The TBC have purchased a house opposite the court where the children are seen to.  At the moment they are doing renovations to one of the back rooms where they plan to put in a two-way mirror where the victims will be interviewed

There are elderly ladies in two retirement villages that are filling and finishing off teddies, (one of the ladies is blind and another is 95)  These teddies are being sent to us from Women’s Institutes and Lions Clubs in the UK

People who benefit

 The Kagiso Child & Family Unitwere given 120 teddies in June 2009, and the Police Family Unit in Dobsonville have asked for 50.

Bev Bev Geldenhuis

Bev Geldenhuis Bev Geldenhuis received an email asking for a donation of 100 teddies for abandoned and orphaned children in Mamelodi.

The patients at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital have been given kits as well as patterns so that they are able to knit teddies for their pleasure.  These. I believe they sell in their little shop.

 Marjorie & teddies 

Marjorie lives in the in SA for 6 months and thengoes back to the UK for 6 months.  She together with ladies from aKrugersdorp Womens Group are knitting for our projectmail





Martha Davies is in her 90’s.  She no longer knits teddies but makes them from fabric. She lives in the Golden Harvest Retirement Village near Magaliesburg.

March 09 Joey le Roux_ Gordon & Marjorie

Joey le Roux, Gordon and Marjorie.


Martha Davies

Ladies from Zone 2B_edited-1

Ladies from Zone 2B in the UK

Edna, Shirley & Lucy Edna, Shirley and Lucy

Edna is the lady that holds it all together and encourages the ladies to be active.  She also donates a lot of odds that are passed on to Martha for the TB ward and other odds that I pass on to the creche in Quellerie Park where Carolyn does the soup/feeding of the children.

Rene, Lucy & JennyRene, Lucy and Jenny

Rene is a blind lady. She helps to fill the teddies.  Lucy is 95 and finishes them off. Lucy even crochets ties for each teddy.



16 responses to “Teddy Bear Project

  1. Doris Fenske

    please be kind enough to let me have the basic knitting pattern for the teddy bear in order for me to make some bears in between my other knitting.

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  6. Annize Raath

    Hi to all the friendly people,
    Today (25/01/2013) I have handed out the last of some teddies which we had left from a donation from Krugersdorp Lions. I am a volunteer for NG Welfare helping with some of their projects. We are serving a soup kitchen in the Princess squatter camp on Fridays, and it was wonderful to see those precious little faces each getting something to cuddle. I took two pictures and would love to share them. Just thought of giving some feedback on your awesome project. Thanks to all who have been so keen in helping and knitting the most beautiful teddy bears.
    Annize Raath

  7. Hester van Niekerk

    Hi, just read about the wonderful work the ‘Teddie Club’ is doing. I am a Lion with Kingborough Lions, Tasmania, Australia. How can I or our club help in any way. PS. I am ex Rhodesian, born South African and schooled in Pietersburg, Tvl. Keep up the good work, Regards Hester van Niekerk….email is hestervan@hotmail.com

  8. actually, the best filing cabinets are those that are made of tempered steel because they are very strong ‘

  9. Andries

    my mom and dad are pressently lions members and presidents,as a family member I do love the “job” you guys do. The energy and wellfare are enourmess. Lions Internation makes me feel proud. Well done for 2009

  10. Bev

    We received a parcel of 44 unfinished teddies from Lion Avril Earnshaw in Bexhill-On-Sea in the UK

    Lucy, who is 96, together with other residents from St. Michael’s Retirement Village continue to fill and finish off these teddies for our project.

    The ladies at Golden Harvest Retirement Village are also blessing our project with their continued support

    Thank you ladies for your wonderful and continued support

  11. gordon

    Submitted to Berg & Valley free newspaper in Magaliesburg
    About 5 years ago, the Lions Club of Krugersdorp was visited by a social worker from the Teddy Bear Clinic. The clinic deals with the plight of abused children on the West Rand.
    At the time, the clinic was looking for assistance in equipping their offices with desks, filing cabinets and other necessary requisites.
    One of the members of the Lions Club heard the appeal, but was struck with the need for Teddy Bears. Each child referred to the clinic receives a free Teddy Bear, which they get to keep. The bear becomes a point of stability in the midst of their trauma.
    As a result, a project was started, where elderly ladies were asked to start knitting teddy bears. In the first few months, over 300 bears were knitted, filled & sewn up by residents of the Golden Harvest Retirement Village in Magaliesburg.
    A Lions club member visited the Isle of Man and after describing the project, received a substantial financial gift from the Douglas Lions Club in IOM to assist with the expenses of purchasing wool and filling materials.
    Another member was visiting the UK and was waiting for a train at a railway station. A fellow passenger was interested in what was being knitted and as a result of the chat, hundreds of bears were knitted by ladies of the Women’s Institute in Guernsey. They were not filled but packed flat and sent by courier to the Krugersdorp Club, from whence they were completed and passed on to the clinic.
    Further trips, by one of the project leaders to the UK, opened more doors and bears are still being supplied from Lions Clubs in Kent and Sussex. It is estimated that over 5000 bears have been distributed since the inception of the initiative. A large proportion of the bears have been knitted by elderly ladies on the West Rand.
    The project has provided opportunities for elderly ladies to provide gifts of love to abused children, whilst achieving a sense of worth through the use of their special talents.
    Knitters are always needed, as are gifts of wool and filling materials. In addition, Lions Clubs are always willing to invite people, with a social conscience, to help in the meeting of the needs of the elderly, poor, or infirm.
    Contact details can be provided on request.

    Gordon Forrester
    Golden Harvest

    • kruger01

      Thank you, Gordon, for this very useful backround information. The Teddy bear project is of enormous value to the community.

      Anybody who is interested in the project and wants to help, can contact the webmaster at dewaalv@gmail.com and he will put you in contact with Gordon or Bev.

  12. Bev

    The Teddy Bear Clinic Head Office in Parktown also draw from the Krugersdorp Clinic if they need teddies. I took 200 teddies to Krugersdorp in June

    Another project that was sponsored with teddies in April at Easter time in fact was the children’s ward at Yusaf Dadoo Hospital. I think there were about 35 children as well as babies that benefited. I know that Peggy did take photos, so, if you want copies of them contact Peggy I am sure she will have them on file

  13. Bev

    Hi De Waal
    I think that this is perfect. I will keep you updated as things change


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