The good and the bad


DW in bed LQ

De Waal photographed by Erla after his procedure

De Waal down for the count of three

De Waal entered the Krugersdorp Private Hospital on Thursday 22 October for an exploratory bladder procedure. He spent three days in the hospital and is now recuperating at home. He is extremely relieved to be back in familiar surroundings!

Robyne at the Lions Khosa Night Race

Much better!

13 October 2009

We’re happy to say that Robyne has recovered well after her operation. Her arm is mending, but she still carries it in a sling.  She started working again on Monday 12 October.

We’re happy to see that you’ve recovered so well, Robyne. We hope your arm will recover completely. Best of luck.

The bad

Unfortunately we have to start this page on the good and the bad that happens to our club members, with something bad that happened.

In the last week of August, Robyne Mynhardt, accidentally fell in her home and badly injured her right shoulder. She was taken to hospital and it was found that her shoulder was fractured.

On Thursday, last week, she was operated on, and the shoulder reconstructed. Fortunately the operation was a success and she is back home now, recuperating.

We’d like to commiserate with Robyne and assure her that we all feel for her. May you recover soon, Robyne,  and with no ill after-effects at all. Get well soon!


3 responses to “The good and the bad

  1. PMJF Lion Kishore Bansal

    Well done Lions Club Krugersdorp .your site inspire others to do social service .God is not from us far,–He is Anchoring our hopes and aspirations in his safe harbour.

  2. jane dawson

    What a fantastic world service week we have behind us. Well done Pam! It seems that all the Lions in the Club supported you in the various projects

  3. Bev

    Hi De Waal

    Sorry to hear that you are down. I am sure that you will be bounce back to full health very soon. Until then, take care


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