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‘n Groot geluk het die twaalfjarige J.P.  Bines van die Avante Laerskool getref. Ons klub en in die besonder, Ivan du Plooy, borg vir JP om die skoolkamp by Glenmore by te woon. Dit gaan dartem lekker wees … as die see jou so aan die slaap sus na ‘n harde dag se pret …


Bines 01_edited-1

JP kan amper nie meer langer wag nie!


Bines 02

Helen deel in JP se vreugde



Tracy Kahn and colleage with Reach for a Dream kids

Tracy Kahn and colleague with Reach for a Dream kids

Why do we serve?

On Monday 28 September we had an orientation meeting with prospective Lions Lynn Booysen, Tammy Phelps and Gerrie Schoeman. We talked about the Lions Clubs International and our place in this worldwide organization.

The Lions organization was founded in 1917 by the Chicago business leader, Melvin Jones. It grew to an international organizations with 1,3 million members at present. There are 45 000 clubs in 205 countries. Our motto is “we serve”. And we do.

Why do we do it?

Human beings are characterized by having compassion for their fellow beings. This behaviour is not easy to explain to everybody’s satisfaction. Much has been said and written about it through the ages.

Recently scientists started getting interested in this phenomenon and did some research on the subject. Here is an article that appeared in New Scientist. It brings some interesting new ideas to light.

Better world: Be nice to people

It sounds kind of obvious, and a little trite: the world would be a better place to live in if we were all a bit kinder to each other. But how can we make that happen?

This is fast becoming a valid scientific question. Psychologists and neuroscientists are exploring how to increase people’s capacity for empathy and compassion, with two ongoing studies claiming that meditation not only increases compassionate feelings but also improves physical and emotional health.

But you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk or an expert on brain plasticity to help increase global compassion. There is evidence that altruistic acts spread through social networks. In other words, if you are kind to a friend, they are more likely to be kind to someone else they know.

To demonstrate this, Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School in Boston designed a cooperation game in which 120 students were organised into groups of four and asked to give money to their group. The game lasted five rounds, and after each round the students were reorganised so that no two appeared in the same group twice. The researchers told the participants at the end of each round how much the others in their group had given.

They found that generosity is infectious. If someone gave a dollar more than the predicted group average, the others in that group gave approximately 20 cents more than expected in the next round. This altruism persisted into the third round.

Christakis’s team found in a separate study that cooperative behaviour spreads to three degrees of separation – from friend to friend to friend. So if you are popular and well connected, you could have a special role to play: your compassionate acts could resonate further through the network, and you are also more likely to benefit from other people’s kindness.

Tony Scheffel and the Reach for a Dream kombi

Tony Scheffel and the Reach for a Dream kombi

Read Gail Tuckett’s interesting newsletter. She is the DC Family & Women Membership & Development.

Family & Women’s

Membership & Development


District 410B

No.1 – 2009-2010

Logo 01Logo 02

District Governor – Lilian McClarty’s Theme

For 2009-2010


Enthusiasm / Innovation / Friendship / Equals Growth

Another year has come and gone and as we start a new year lets be very positive and ”Move to Grow” as Our International President asks.

IPIP Al Brandel sent out this message:-

“The Lion leaders of 2008-2009 will have left a proud legacy for the association and all who come after them.

This year we have:

Added more than 1015 new clubs to the Lions family,

Brought more than 42,000 new women members and 28,000 family members into our clubs. Established the Lions Cub program for Family Lions Clubs. Met an unprecedented economic crisis with compassion and imagination, focused on serving our members and making Lions Clubs a more welcoming environment for our members to fulfill their desire to serve, there are many more and Lion leaders have every reason to be proud of each one.  Congratulations!”

See how the family & women’s membership

has grown!

KidsPercentage of & Total Family & Women Members growth

in Lions over a three year period.

June 2007 –  6.4%  ( 82,147)

June 2008   –  9.8%  ( 120,336)

March 2009- 11.6%  ( 152,934)

The new Family Cub Program, in connection with the Family

Membership Program, is being introduced at the  92nd  Lions

Clubs  International Convention  in  Minneapolis.   Formulated

especially to encourage families to volunteer together, childrenFamily

under the age of 12 will  have  the  opportunity  build a lifelong

dedication to helping those in need. Cubs will be distinguished

with age specific patches and Lions clubs will be equipped with a guide full of age appropriate activities.

Cubs will be divided into three age categories: under age 3, age 4-7 and age 8-12.

We are waiting for more information from International, as soon as I receive it, I will pass it on to All.

We are hoping to hold a Family Fun Survival Games day before the end of the year, I need a venue……. Please if you have any suggestion in this connection, I would gladly welcome them. I am looking for a more midway point in the Midrand towards Pretoria area.( Remember that this is a family event and times are hard!!!!)

At the beginning of the 2010 late January or early February 2010 we will be hold another Meilie Maze – it will be a completely different theme and maze from the last one, and the mealies will be green…..

I would love some photos of how your club entertains young families and how you encourage them to join your club. Please send me any information that you would like to share with the rest of the District.

True inner strength is all about conviction, making things happen and understanding the consequences of our choices. Find your own inner strength and develop it. When shared with others, it will become a beacon of light that inspires and creates a passion for living, something we all crave today in this crazy world we live in.”

Meet your committee for this portfolio.

Vivian Gosling,

Del Wedderburn

Gruschenka Boswell

Pauline Fellows

If you would like to join us, please feel free to contact me.

We will welcome any new comers and new ideas.

Yours in Service and fellowship.

Gail Tuckett

– DC Family & Women Membership & Development.


011-438-1600(W)    011-675-7031 (h)


The Perkin residence where the Progressive Dinner started

Perkin residence wide_edited-1

Turn left into Clifford, past Franschoek complex on the left. Thirty metres past their entrance, turn into Eileen on your right.

Drive straight in. Numer 11 is the fourth house on your right. Carolyne requests that you don’t park in front of other people’s garages. Park in front of no 11 and next to the garden.

Main course is at the Scheffels and the evening ends at the casino. This is going to be great fun. You’ll be very sorry if you miss it! See you there.

World President

Cathy with jacket

Cathy Donaldson, who is staunchly supported by our club, recently attended the Blind Bowlers Championships in Australia. At the event she was elected as President of the International Blind Bowlers Association. Congratualtions, Cathy. And well done!

Here Cathy shows the jacket our club sponsored for her and her team. Below you can see the jacket more closely.





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